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10 Poiints on A Healthy Way to Be Sick - Dealing with Chronic Illness


This e-book, A Healthy Way to Be Sick answers these 10 Questions

Sometimes when you have a chronic illness approaching your struggle consciously is the most important thing you can do. The quality of your life doesn’t depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus. Creating a conscious focus helps you heal, helps you cope and helps you create a quality life even when you deal with a health crisis.

 1. What is the biggest problem internally people with chronic illness or disabilities face?

The biggest problem is focusing on our thoughts and ignoring the Wisdom of our Body. Ignoring this inner wisdom in a health crisis eliminates consciously participating as a partner with your doctor.  Accepting this inner wisdom makes you better respond to medications and treatments as you eliminate mental sabotages created by your mind.

2. What is the greatest benefit a chronic illness or disability offers?

Chronic illness and disabilities are not positive additions to our life, but if you have to deal with them; they are incredible teachers. The biggest benefit a health challenge has is that it forces you to learn lessons that take you beyond your conditioned past. This naturally happens as you accept the Wisdom of your Body. This e-book offers a simple technique that conditions your subconscious mind so this benefit becomes a natural part of your life.

3. How can we practically control the quality of our life as we deal with a health challenge?

Once you let go of your thoughts, fears and unfinished business; healing is your top priority you let go of all your limitations. That is not only the quality of great yogis, it happens naturally as we face traumas we are unable to control. This e-book doesn’t give you the ability to control every trauma, it gives you the ability to find quality in every situation.

4. When is the best time to work on yourself?

The best time to work on yourself is in the moment. That is the beauty of a trauma, because it forces you into the moment as you discover powerful inner resources you may have never known you had. When you let go of your mind-made reality, the moment is all you have.

5. What is the best way to utilize external resources?

When you accept the Wisdom of your Body, you use external resources without the limitations of your mind. Without being centered and connected to inner resources, we roll like a square wheel. Being centered allows you to flow with external help as you actually add to the healing process. Being focused on your mind’s attachments limits your flow and creates victim consciousness.

6. How can you turn struggles into blessings that positively affect every aspect of your life?

When you trust this inner wisdom, it becomes as available as your breath, which is with you in every aspect of your life. The trauma of a health crisis may force you to that depth, but it will be there to serve you as long as you are breathing.  Trusting your inner wisdom turns traumas into blessings and is the key to a healthy way to be sick.

7. How can the people you love become active partners in your healing process?

When the people you love respect your inner wisdom, it is easier for you to accept it. That is why family, lovers and friends are so precious; they have the power to empower you or limit you. Of course you can block them, but when you are in a vulnerable position receiving simple love is your best medicine. If simple love is not available, loving yourself can accomplish the same goal. This e-book removes mental blocks that resist receiving simple love.

8. How does a health challenge make you more conscious in the moment?

Accepting ones inner resources in the moment to deal with a health crisis is not ego’s choice; it is a survival instinct that evolved since our creation. This instinct transcends personal preferences and strives for the solution that exists in the moment. The amazing thing is this is a natural function of being human. Children play in the moment. Lovers meet there in passion. We touch it in spiritual prayers. Athletes merge with it in the zone. Unfortunately we get lost when we try to capture it in theory and our everyday consciousness. This e-book helps you to accept the moment experientially.

9. What is the spiritual benefit of consciously dealing with a health crisis?

When you enter the moment and connect to the Wisdom of the Body, you are free from the rigidity of the ego. In a health crisis, just like you don’t find an atheist in a foxhole, it is easy to reach for a spiritual connection. When that reach comes from inner wisdom; you are experiential instead of conceptual and it is natural to be in the moment.

10. Is there a healthy way to be sick?

Combine every idea mentioned above into an experiential moment and you find a healthy way to be sick. Focus solely on thinking and your mind becomes your greatest dis-ease. Illness may not be always curable, but how you perceive your challenge is controllable. Strive to live in that moment and you naturally find a healthy way to be sick.

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