Friday, January 30, 2009

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�Spiritual Animals�
Monday nights at 8pm EST

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Pam Case, Chinese Astrologer, Dowser, Feng Shui Consultant and Intuitive, will clue us in on what Astrological Animals can do for us in the Year of the Ox. �Her knowledge of 4 Pillars of Destiny combined with her multi-faceted metaphysical practice will enlighten us as well as inform us on all the combined influences necessary for forecasting our yearly outcome as well as our personal destiny.

These topics and more will be discussed on �Spiritual Animals� with Dr. Anna Maria Prezio on Monday, February 2, 2009 at 8 pm EST on

Come celebrate the Chinese New Year with us! �The information you will hear is priceless.

Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Spiritual Animals" Show

Anna Maria Prezio with host Josh Meyers on her Spiritual Animls Radio Show tonight:
Overcoming stress, anxiety, panic disorder and depression are behaviors that animals experience as
well as people.  What can we do to help animals with these behaviors?

Josh Meyers is trained in nutritional support for voercoming stress, anxiety, panic disorder, and depression.


At   five years of age   Josh Meyers had his first panic attack which, over the next twenty years, spiraled into crippling anxiety and depression. Unable to eat, sleep, work, socialize or attend school and fearful of loosing  my life,   he threw myself into research which led to   his recovery.

As a California state US Jr. Olympic champion in Rifle,  he trained at the US Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs. As an instructor and owner of a Paragliding company,  he supported himself and  his family while getting  his degree in Psychology.  He is  now married and has two children.

His  passion is to help others live full, happy, free, rewarding, and successful lives.

My grandfather lived his whole life with profound anxiety and depression, he lived a little more than eighty years. My mother struggled with the same disorders for forty years; she had some help and guidance. I overcame the same issues in twenty years and now help others overcome their challenges in a few month or sometimes weeks!

There is no magic in this, it is all about knowledge and understanding that came hard for those who came before us, but is now easily available to anyone. This is no different than for thousands of illnesses that used to claim whole lives, but now can be fixed in short order. We are now at a point where no one needs to have their lives diminished by anxiety and depression. It is my personal mission to share this belief with as many people as possible, and to help anyone who has the courage to ask for it.

I  remember vividly my downward spiral of going from my first panic attack to my next panic attack, to generalized anxiety to depression with generalized anxiety. For years I cycled from generalized anxiety to depression and back with some pannic attacks thrown in for good measure. What a terrible time that was. I was waiting for a miracle of some kind to bring me out. The miracle turned out to be many small changes in my life that anyone can do. The trick is to find your own personal set of behaviors that help you to feel better. For most people this takes about a month working with me once a week.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Note from Patricia

My new book venture is a collection of short stories concerning Bottle Mining Adventures. Gert and Nina, friends for many years, now share a common passion - bottle mining. Nina is a homemaker and a widow. Gert, a spinster, had spent productive years as a beloved schoolteacher who started her career in a one-room schoolhouse and ended with her retirement at a district high school. Now, with those early responsibilities gone, the two women have time to search for antique bottles in old, abandoned dumps. They meet an eclectic variety of characters as they trade-off collectibles and sell old bottles at flea markets.
Stories include, The Crazy Jug, The Pink Victorian Lady, The Rescue, Hikers and Bottle Miners, The Conjurer, The Willowbrook Inn, The Wedding Reception*, A Catty Arrangement*, and Not Suitable Viewing For Children*.
*Not Gert and Nina stories

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SyFy Radio -- Anna Maria Prezio

What a great way to celebrate Halloween than with a real ghost buster! Anna Maria Prezio, author of the book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster" will ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

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Anna Maria Prezio on Michigan Paranormal Underground radio show Tues, 12-9 - 9pm EST - Feng Shui - Zimbio


Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng shui (pronounced "fung shway") originated in China but thrives in many parts of the world. Through articles about feng shui, web site links, videos, and discussions explore the different schools of feng shui, read differing points... [more]

Feng shui (pronounced "fung shway") originated in China but thrives in many parts of the world. Through articles about feng shui, web site links, videos, and discussions explore the different schools of feng shui, read differing points of view, and discover ways to apply the principles of feng shui to your home, office, and life.

Anna Maria Prezio on Michigan Paranormal Underground radio show Tues, 12/9 - 9pm EST

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive and Author has studied with a multiple of feng shui masters and metaphysical gurus. She has devoted herself to helping others achieve optimum positive environmental energies. Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner with an advanced graduate certification from the American Feng Shui Institute, Chinese Metaphysical Studies, and the Imperial School of Feng Shui. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Villanova University, a Business Graduate Degree and a Ph.D. in Holistic Alternative Psychology. Her expertise is in the communication arts, visual arts and entrepreneurship. She is a certified entrepreneurship instructor for the Executive Entrepreneur Institute and has held positions as a marketing executive for multi-national corporations. As a marketing consultant in health care, entertainment, and the non-profit sectors she has incorporated her knowledge of Feng Shui and its effects on personal environments to enhance people's lives. Ms. Prezio's mission is to help people gain the knowledge and tools of Feng Shui to improve and enhance their wealth, health, creativity and relationships. Anna Maria Prezio has audited hundreds of Feng Shui sites. Her clients include: Hollywood casting directors, costume designers, actors, writers, directors, engineers, airline executives, business owners, doctors, real estate agents, building contractors, architects, corporate executives and brokers. Ms. Prezio is a writer. She has published screenplays, articles and books. Her love for the visual arts has led her to produce feature films, film shorts, music videos, and photography. Her experience, Feng Shui knowledge and highly intuitive talent gives her the ability to sense people, places and things which help to nurture and facilitate her clients' lifestyles.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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