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Imagine you receive a red letter invitation in the mail today. An invitation to attend a closed door "mastermind" meeting of 28 highly successful, powerful, loving individuals. At this meeting, you will be given the wisdom of personal experience, courageous actions will be shared, priceless business tips spoken.

Would you make the "choice" to attend?

"Manifest Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams" is your red letter invitation. Debbi Chambers has compiled this insightful and powerful co-creation of gifted authors, who have shown up to assist and serve you on your journey, with egos set aside and with, at times, deeply personal stories of challenges and overcoming.

Open your invitation, RSVP, join us as we explore, create and succeed!


Among the 28 inspirational authors and collaborators:

All the Riches You Haven't Recognized or Claimed in the Past are Still Available to You"
~ Peggy McColl ~ New York Times Best Selling Author of "Your Destiny Switch"

"The Power of Prayer in a Healing Crisis"
~ Sharon Wilson  

"What if You Did Forgive"
~ David Neagle  

"Emotional Resilience"
~ Jeffrey Combs


Manifest Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams" is chock full of practical tools you can immediately implement to manifest the life of YOUR dreams.  A few of the golden nuggets you will discover:

…Key Skills to Optimize Your Creative Power

…Action Steps to Tune into Abundance

…How to Shift Your Energy with This Powerful Simple Exercise

Act now and receive a remarkable gift basket (worth over $4,000.00) generously offered by  talented and successful people, to assist you in Manifesting Your Success.  Check them out at: www.manifestsuccessultimateguide.com

P.S.  Visit the official "Manifest Success Day" blog to find more priceless Manifesting tips, conversations and gifts waiting…Just For You!!  www.manifestsuccessday.com  

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